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80 % reduction in energy costs

OK, saving the planet is great, but,
what are the benefits to me?

This is the really simple part....increased profit. By reducing your lighting
energy consumption by as much as 80% you are naturally going to see a
reduction in overheads. Some large warehouses, distribution and
commercial centres see savings that run into tens of thousands of
pounds per annum!

If profit alone is not enough there are further operational benefits
that can be achieved.

Many existing premises are lit using poorly designed, cheaply fabricated
optics. Add to this the lack of enviroment controlled technology and the
unnecessary running costs become immediately obvious. Compared with
these standard alternatives, our range of products will present a wealth of
benefits to installer and area occupants.

  Unique sensor control

Be it PIR, daylight, microwave or even camera technology, we provide the
perfect solution to your application in terms of total environment

  Long lamp life

Re-lamping at great height can be costly. With our products you will enjoy
significant reductions (in the region of 25% for some fittings) in the costs
of re-lamping.

  Efficient HID dimming

Where HID must be used (for example chillers and cold stores), our
unique independant dimming module (IDM) can dim the fitting to 30% of
normal output when areas are unoccupied. As the fitting automatically
ramps back up to full output again when presence is detected, re-strike
times no longer become an issue.

  Reduced glare and shadowing

Improved uniformity and distribution of light allows a more effective
lighting solution to be achieved with particular attention to specific areas
such as racking aisles. This improves occupant's working conditions
whilst promoting an improved feeling of well-being.

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