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80 % reduction in energy costs

New lighting is far too costly.
Why do I need it?

In most commercial premises lighting is expensive, often accounting for a
massive 60% of total electrical costs! By installing energy saving
luminaires and controls you can reduce this expense and start reducing
the initial cost of installation. Our products offer up to 80% reductions in
lighting energy consumption
after installation.

I want efficient lighting but just haven’t got
the capital! What are the benefits to me?

Based on 1990 figures the British government has pledged to reduce the
emission of greenhouse gases by 12.5% by the year 2012 with planned
reductions extending to at least 60% by 2050. In order to achieve this
various schemes have been initiated, across high energy consuming
sectors, to aid businesses in becoming “greener”. We will assist you in
understanding all government schemes currently available including
Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) and Carbon Trust 0% Interest Loans
both of which are designed to assist businesses financially when
implementing energy efficient lighting. Our years of experience and
accumulated knowledge will be at your disposal in making what seems
like a daunting and costly process really quite simple and inexpensive.

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